For those who have a household living abroad, the Covid pandemic is even more difficult as different countries close their borders at different times, impose travel bans and order long-term quarantines. Many people wonder when they will see their family members again. Now that international travel has become more open, people understandably want to visit or receive family members living abroad. Unfortunately, for many people, the first hurdle in successfully applying for a visa for family members to Dubai has yet to be overcome. So how do you test to ensure a successful visa application for a standard visit?

Apply for a visa

If you are applying for a visa to enter Dubai as a standard visitor, you must prove to the Dubai Ministry of the Interior that you are a "real visitor". This means that you must see the following:

That you will leave Dubai at the end of your visit. This means that you cannot stay in Dubai for more than six months at a time. Applying for a visitor's visa helps to provide strong evidence of the reasons for returning home after visiting Dubai. For example, proof that you have a job back in your country of origin, family relationships, financial obligations or other reasons why you need to return home. That you don't have to live in the UAE through frequent or consecutive visits, or make Dubai your primary residence. A visiting visa cannot be used instead of a higher visa. Re-entering Dubai and staying for six months at a time is technically permissible, but if it starts to seem that you are using a visitor's visa as a way to apply for another visa to stay in Dubai, in the end do not try the visa or you will be denied border access.

Have sufficient funds to cover your visit (including travel expenses and payment for all activities you plan). The best way to prove that you have sufficient funds to visit is to provide an account statement and proof of income. Nowadays, it may be appropriate to state that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of all expenses related to Covid (expected and otherwise): tests only if you are positive in Dubai, medical fees, etc. If you are going to visit someone or another person, To help you pay for your visit, their finances may also be taken into account, but you need to prove how much they contributed and why. That you do not intend to engage in prohibited activities in Dubai.


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